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Quotes Magazine is a collection of conversations with people from different fields of work and diverse lifestyles. Its goal is to find opinions and insights about the ever-changing world and present inspiring and believable professional or personal stories. That's why Quotes is not looking at the famed ones, but at those whose work quietly push world forward. The project was launched in 2015 by a small team at NEXT-DC.

My role was to create a unique digital presense for the magazine, as well as to define a simplistic UX, which creates engagement with the articles and ensures easy reading on all devices. We brought life to the stories by commissioning illustrators to create custom visuals for each one.


Quotes Magazine was featured as Site of the Day on Typewolf, SiteInspire, French Design Index and other design galleries. With 40+ stories and still going, the magazine has turned into an insightful archive providing a close look into the minds of people with interesting career choices and life stories.

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