Museum of
Less Ordinary

UX & Interactive Design
Creative Agency: NEXT-DC

Client: Finlandia Vodka


Creative Direction: Momchil Zakhariev 
Exhibition Curation: Studio Komplekt
Stage Design: Eva Ventova
Account Management: Monika Simeonova
Development: Hristo Panayotov
Video: Twin Pickles

“Museum of Less Ordinary" was a pop-up museum in Sofia, created by NEXT-DC and curated by Studio Komplekt. It featured artworks by Bulgarian artists, inspired by the characters in Vodka Finlandia’s “1000 years of less ordinary wisdom” campaign.

To reinforce the message that you should only trust your inner voice, the museum cards next to the exhibits did not contain any information. Instead, visitors were asked to experience the works of art solely relying on their senses, free from the influences which an author’s name and reputation bring.



Mobile UX & Design
My role was to design a mobile experience, complimentary to the exhibition, which allowed each visitor to guess what each artwork was and share his intepretation of what it meant. It was the key to unlocking information about the author and his vision.

The challenge was to create a mobile UX and visual design that doesn't distract from the physical exploration of the objects, but adds value to the exhibition in an unobtrusive way and rewards visitors' curiosity.


Edition I Video

Edition II Video

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Built with Semplice in 2020
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