Museum of
Less Ordinary

About the Campaign

“Museum of Less Ordinary" was a pop-up museum in Sofia, created by NEXT-DC and curated by Studio Komplekt. It featured artworks by Bulgarian artists, inspired by the characters in Vodka Finlandia’s “1000 years of less ordinary wisdom” campaign.

To reinforce the message that you should only trust your inner voice, the museum cards next to the exhibits did not contain any information. Instead, visitors were asked to experience the works of art solely relying on their senses, free from the influences, which an author’s name and reputation bring.

Role: Mobile UX & Visual Design

Key to the overall experience was the mobile website, which guided people through the exhibition and asked them to interpret the meaning of what they were seeing, hearing, or touching. They were taken straight to the website through the exhibition’s Wi-Fi network and through signs next to the exhibits. The UX of the web application had to be simple and unobtrusive, in order to keep them focused on what they felt. After experiencing each piece, visitors shared what they thought the object was or how it made them feel. Only then, they could discover more about the meaning of the artwork and its author.

The experience

The two editions of “Museum of Less Ordinary” were visited by over 3,500 people, taking place in abandoned spaces around the city. The mobile website was adapted to serve both series of events, and successfully kept the audience engaged, while subtly introducing them to Finlandia’s characters and “less ordinary” philosophy. Watch the videos below for a taste of the overall experience: