Dynamic archive of Bulgarian design

MELBA* is a dynamic archive of Bulgarian designers from all disciplines. It's a project started by Studio Komplekt and created in collaboration with NEXT-DC. The goal is to put forward and support the best visual artists in the country, who push their disciplines forward with their original approach, innovative ideas and attention to detail. MELBA aims to support the next generation of designers in establishing their identity and to build a strong community in the future. 

Working together with the team at NEXT-DC, my role was to design an interactive experience that showcases some of the best contemporary Bulgarian artists and their work. Evgenia Nikolova's illustrations helped create the feeling of variety and bring MELBA to life. With the help of Mihail Novakov, we created video portraits of each designer to compliment their profile.

*Melba is an ice cream dessert, famous in Bulgaria for its variety of ingredients and decorative elements.