Creative Direction, Design & Art Direction

This is a collection of various advertising projects I've been involved in between 2014 and 2017. During this period, as part of the NEXT-DC team, I have worked on award-winning campaigns for brands like Heineken, Finlandia, Jack Daniel's, Telenor and Lidl. This includes idea concepting, prototyping, UX and design of experiences for a variety of platforms and media — desktop, mobile, as well as interactive installations.

Heineken: The Focus

Creative Director

It’s getting harder and harder to focus on just one thing. And when it comes to UEFA Champions League matches, every blink could be crucial. Heineken decided to find and reward the most concentrated fans by challenging them to a digital stare-down with one of the most cool-headed football players — Andrea Pirlo. Using AI-powered face tracking technology, we detected the movement of each player’s eyes, both on desktop and mobile devices. Those who managed to hold Pirlo’s stare the longest without blinking or looking away won a ticket for an exclusive screening of the Final.

Read the campaign case study here.



Creative Director

To launch the new MEGANE RS, we gave it an unusual challenge. Renault fans could test the model's agility by drawing their own track on a website. Then, live at the event show, the MEGANE RS had to conquer every corner of every track which was projected in front of it. Fans could watch the whole experience and see their own track being projected through a live stream.

Watch the event video here.


Endless Toys

Creative Director

Working with Canon CEE, we created a campaign for Creative Park — a digital platform, allowing anyone to print out and assemble paper models of animals, cars, moving toys, planets, buildings… you name it. Our task was to reach the main target — parents of young children, across Central & Eastern Europe. Nowadays, surrounded by various forms of entertainment, kids lose interest in their toys much faster. Financially, this makes it hard for most parents to meet their kids’ insatiable need for new toys and games. But with Creative Park’s paper models, parents don’t need to buy a new toy every day, they can just print it. This is why we created "Endless Toys" — a 360 campaign which explores the endless possibilities of the platform. Our strategy was successfully implemented across 25 countries in Europe, and our visual assets and immersive 360-degree stop motion videos were used to communicate Creative Park in those markets.

View campaign case study.


The Phone Call

Creative Director, UX & Interactive Design

A campaign that that addresses a problem among football fans — it's hard for friends to organise a match night together, especially during the week when the Champions League is on. Through social media communication it's very easy to make an excuse. But a phone call gives you less time to think of one. The exclusive football match zone we built in the center of Sofia could only be unlocked through an interactive installation on its door. We built a voice communication system, navigated by users through a touch screen display and a Heineken phone handset. I worked on the UX and design of the system, which allowed fans to call two friends and convince them to watch the match together, taking into account all the possible user journeys and scenarios. The automatic system supplied them with three parts of a unique code that unlocked the match zone on the same night.

Take a look at the campaign case study to find out more.


Design Bookery

Design & Art Direction

To support Lidl's sponsorship of One Design Week in Plovdiv, we launched a mobile bookshop, containing inspiring books from different design disciplines — typography, illustration, product, interaction and graphic design, selected by Bulgarian designers. Apart from working on the art direction and design of the whole campaign, I was also one of the book curators for the Interaction Design category. Design Bookery received huge publicity in Bulgaria during One Design Week and will soon be moved into a permanent location in Sofia, where it can be enjoyed by everyone. Read more in the campaign case study


of Wisdom

Design & Art Direction

"Cabinets of Wisdom" was a pop-up exhibition in the center of Sofia. It displayed artistic interpretations of 6 Bulgarian proverbs by artists from Finland. I was part of the creative team at NEXT-DC that worked on the campaign, providing Art Direction for the location branding and the exhibition website, aiming to immerse a wider audience into the experience. Read more in the campaign case study and explore the exhibition website.


The Jigsaw

UX & Design

According to statistics, 75% of young people choose to watch Champions League matches alone at home, and Heineken wanted to change that. To demonstrate that match nights are meant to be shared, we created The Jigsaw — an interactive installation in the centre of Sofia, aiming to bring fans together. It consisted of a large digital screen and 80 chairs, connected to motion sensors. Each chair activated a small corresponding block of the screen. Once all 80 chairs were taken, the full picture of the match was revealed. As part of the Creative team behind the idea, I worked on the campaign's design and the UX of the digital installation. For more details, take a look at the campaign case study.